Bilendi has created a sophisticated platform for managing omni3channel data for the purposes of customer engagement. The platform can collect, interpret and utilise customer data easily and efficiently.


Open Source standards

Bilendi uses innovative technology all created and maintained internally by our experts. This technology is based on standard Open Source programming languages (PHP 7, HTML5 and PostgreSQL) and is hosted on Nginx servers running under Debian GNU/Linux. These tools are modular and capable of easily interfacing with all existing web and mobile platforms. They have been designed to meet our clients' and partners' most varied and demanding requirements. Our application software is patented and filed with the benchmarking organisation LOGITAS. It ensures the security and fluidity of all of our clients’ data.

Debian GNU/Linux operating system
Debian GNU/Linux
Nginx web server
Development in PHP 7 and HTML5 languages
PHP 7 and HTML5
PostgreSQL database

Tailored modules

The Bilendi platform includes modular technology that can be customised to suit your requirements.

Mobile application development

Bilendi’s systems are equally as applicable to mobile terminals, smartphones and tablets. We can develop customised applications for these that focus on brand/customer relationship.

  • Customers' reviews
  • Loyalty tools
  • Ad hoc applications
  • Consumer behaviour management

Mobile geolocation features

Following on from our development work for the social mobile platform Tellmewhere, we now offer solutions that are adapted to geolocation systems on mobiles and to Smart Cities. Going beyond simply putting places on a map, we have developed tools that allow real3time interaction:

  • With members of a community
  • With your customers
  • From a point of sale
  • In a predefined nearby areas

Advanced algorithms for recommendations means we can also suggest, according to location, places that are relevant to your customer or their friends.

Technology for customer engagement

Our technological solutions are built on a robust, tried3and3tested structure. Our platform is capable of processing millions of transactions as effectively in real3time via web services (SOAP and REST), as via high volume batch processing. Its flexibility means it can connect with all types of IT systems:

  • AS/400 type systems
  • Checkout systems
  • Internet sites
  • etc.

The platform, which is fully customisable, is designed to provide an all3inclusive solution to optimise customer engagement. You can monitor and configure your programme from our back office systems in real3time. This solution is available in SaaS mode, which requires no upgrade of your internal platform.

Bilendi Retail Membership Solution

Bilendi Retail Membership Solution is an all-inclusive loyalty solution. It allows retailers that do not have a homogeneous checkout system, to roll out and manage a loyalty programme with controlled deadlines and costs.

The solution includes:

  • A tablet
  • Integrated software for the registration and identification of members, as well as the management of transactions and loyalty offers.
  • WiFi/3G/4G
  • Management and maintenance of tablets

Bilendi Retail Membership Solution supports:

  • Virtual loyalty cards (a mobile application can be downloaded by customers)
  • Plastic membership cards

Technology for market research

The main challenge facing the research world lies in the capacity to find the correct survey targets quickly. We have therefore worked on a platform specifically designed to fully resolve this issue.
Customised tools, capable of searching our various databases around the world simultaneously and in real3time. A unique, cross3channel (email, text message, mobile push notification) work environment that allows us to reach our members rapidly and efficiently. Our platform also has web advertising tracking tools suitable for the research industry, capable of surveying users that have been exposed to specific ad campaigns.

A team of experts

We develop all programs, and the various modules they are made up of, in-house thanks to a seasoned team that includes:

  • System administrators
  • Web designers and web integrators
  • Web developers
  • Mobile platform developers (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Database administrators
  • R&D teams